Camping on Kosciuszko

Mountain Kosciuszko - National Park and camping activities.

Mount Kosciusko is the highest summit in Australia. Camping is one of the activities you can explore. You can visit the governmental Kosciuszko National Park website for more information.


Keep Safe - the most important issue!

It is really cool to sleep outside on the top of the mountain, the highest point of Australia! But please keep it in mind, it is also extremely dangerous when you are facing the severe cold. An experienced guide/captain is a must! You might need to prepare the following stuff in advance.

  5-Star Captain - It is a MUST!

   Heavy Hiking Stuff - Such as a large backpack bag

  Mountain Tent - Light and professional mountain tent

  Sleeping Bag - It need to be light and cozy

   Other Necessary Stuff - Listen to your captain, he/she will provide a detailed list for you


Kosciuszko Express Chairlift
Spot A

Kosciuszko Express Chairlift

You can purchase a chairlift ticket, this will save your time and effort when hiking to the summit.

Hiking Start Point
Spot B

Hiking Start Point

Congratulations! The chairlift stops here, and from now on, you have to walk on your way to the summit. Remember there is less air in the mountain area, you do not need to be hurry to get to the target.

Mount Kosciuszko
The Summit
Spot C

Mount Kosciuszko

You made it! I sure you will meet a lot of amazing landscape scenery on the way to the summit, enjoy the summit time now! However, the summit is not a proper area for camping, your captain might lead you to a lower area for setting up the tents.


Respect Captain

The captain is the only authority of the whole team. Listen to your captain's order, other you might lose the whole team even your life.

Respect Nature

Remember you are only a passenger, collect all the rubbish when you leave the area. Any improper behaviors might bring terrible effects on nature.

Be Safe

Safety is always a key issue for any of the outdoor activities. Thought the hiking route to Kosciuszko is quite plain, however, the cold weather is extremely dangerous when camping on the snow.