Hiking - things you should keep in mind

There are numerous tracking routes on earth. From easy to hard, you should prepare before step outside of your home.

  Classic Trails


Warning Ahead

If you wear a pair of high heel shoes to join hiking activity, no matter how easy the route is, please go back home. This is not an evening event. You do not respect nature, nature will bring trouble to you or even kill you! This is NOT a joke.

All in one word, please listen to your captain's requirement.

General Equipment

Hiking Boots Especially for ruff trails. For some easy and plain route, sports shoes might be fine too.

Comfortable Clothes You do not need to be fancy to join the wild world.

Backpack This will free your hands, and make them work when necessary.

Sufficient Water Water quantity should be prepared based on the distance and weather conditions.

Avoiding Sunshine Sun cream, sunglasses, a hat, and so on.

Food Your captain might require you bring some simple food for the one day trip.

Rain Coat Just in case the weather conditions.

Special Equipment

Alpenstock Help climbing mountains.

Kneepad Protect your Knees.