Who Are We - simple group, easy friends

We are originally organized by a group of people who simply like hiking on the weekend. Distances vary dramatically from 3Km to 40Km depends on the captains' wills and capabilities. In a short time, the number of people reached 500, which is the maximum quantity a WeChat group can host.

Afterward, people began to organize various outdoor activities, such as camping, road trip, rock climbing, running, some of the enthusiastic members are also the key participants of other groups, which helps the most active members join the other playgrounds for diverse experiences!

Why Website - sharing is everything

The hiking group has been there for a couple of years, some of the previous people became very quiet after years of hiking experiences, some newcomers are eager to find an interesting route to explore!

Under these circumstances, we feel it might be a good idea to build a website to remember the times we have enjoyed, also show some guidelines to the newcomers! It is also a great chance to thank all the people who contributed to the group!

These are the major reasons why the website comes!


Join Us

Be Alive - if you wanna join activities

For those who simply wanna find more activities, please be patient, more sections will be listed on the website, and I sure you can find your own spots to join with. As we are based on a non-for-profit hiking organization, all of the activities are volunteered. You have to be responsible for all of your deeds in the team, so as in the activities.

For those who are really enthusiastic about communications, I sure you will make some crazy friends here! Some of the activities can only be recruited within the closer friends, a common sense, you understand what I am saying.

Be Nice - if you wanna stay longer

Only people who have proper behaviors are welcomed in the group. We keep zero tolerance to personal attack, commercial advertisement and adult issues. Anyone commits any of these offenses will be removed from the group immediately.